Saturday, April 08, 2006

The revolution will not be televised?

Not televised...but at least some of the information may be saved somewhere, if someone just takes the time to do it. I should begin a research service...anyway, on with this post.

This is the best documentary I've ever seen: Chavez: Inside the Coup.

It has a viewpoint. Yet unlike the films of that clearly neurotic slob Michael Moore the viewpoint comes out more as a commentary on facts that can be observed and verified instead of editing tricks and false impressionistic imagery used to create the impression of false "facts." That' s the technique that Moore's films are full of, given his proto-Nazi sort of neurosis. I don't know how they made this documentary so well, I hope that they did not rely on any tricks of imagery. They really didn't seem to. On the other hand, they proved that the corporate media of Venezuela did rely on such tricks. There is footage of pro-Chavez demonstrators being shot in the head by snipers in this film (a note for those who do not want to see that) and they prove that Venezuela's form of the Old Media portrayed the event of people getting shot in the head as the people themselves shooting other protestors. Seeing is believing? Given the rather rampant manipulation of imagery, sometimes I prefer text and logic. On a similar note there are videos of pirated sattelite feeds from our very own Old Media that sometimes float around which prove that they are biased, often in bed with the very politicians that they interview, sometimes literally. I guess that's not worth going into because everyone but the people working in it seem to know that the Old Media has to be sifted through.

If you can get a hold of this documentary it is worth watching. It may be rather hard to find.

Unfortunately Leftists like Chavez will still destroy the economy, there is that unfortunate fact that can be observed historically and demonstrated time and again. So even if he (and his good lil' caring heart!) is opposed by moral degenerates, that doesn't mean he is going to be able to lift the poor up. Given Leftism and its type of "help" people will become more poor and more hungry while the Leftist continues to focus on how much he cares about it all and how his "ideal system" would work if people were not corrupt. For if he cares and cries a little tear for the poor while being opposed by corrupt businessmen, how could he be utterly wrong? As I noted before, I don't care how much the Leftist cares and how empathetic they are if it is my standard of living or health that is on the line.

It's not about them personally. There have been good Leftists (not saying that Chavez is one) and those of a totalitarian bent as well, there have also been good and bad Rightists. The thing of it is this, the good Leftists (e.g. Robert Owen with New Harmony as well as some decent socialist leaders in the Third World) are not bad fellows. They're not the Great Satan that some people make them out to be. But unfortunately the good Leftists have all proven that Leftist "redistribution" never creates a New Man, thus the system fails. The system becomes opressive because more "management" is necessary, the creation of wealth is stifled, etc.etc., and everyone begins to suffer. Perhaps they give up the Marxist revolution as the sea of arms grows thinner and thinner. They either realize that heaven cannot be brought to earth now after all or there is increasing totalitarianism as a tyrant emerges from the Left or the Right.

Capitalism may stink but so does the fertilizer that we use to grow our food in. We have to eat, we're not spirits that we can live on the pure ideals of the Law alone. Sin has turned the Law into a death sentence written in the verses of the universe, so we can't try to take all the yeast out of all the bread all the time.
Again he asked, "What shall I compare the kingdom of God to? It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into a large amount of flour until it worked all through the dough."

Some revolutionaries who claim that they will bring heaven on earth cannot wait for the Yeast of revolt to result in the Bread of Life rising above it, thus the people starve to death. Yet now I meander into ancient symbolism and Christianity, which most people will not understand anyway. It seems that many answers about idealism are tucked away there though. I should read the Bible more often.

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