Friday, September 02, 2016

Comment on some CNN/CIA stuff...

I don't get the interns at CNN/CIA/Anderson Cooper and all that. They're targeted by diversity just as much as any other white person is. So what are you guys doing? I guess like Cooper, you can be gay or transgender and get a community that way. But you have no nation, no community, no ethnic lobby in the US equal to that of Jews/Arabs/Hispanics/etc.etc... so what are you doing?

You have a career as an individual member of a group in need of diversification. And that's it. You have no future. Even if you think you have a future or at least a prestigious career, if you have little white children of European descent then they have no future working for this anti-white system of "diversity." Google: "CIA, diversity" Same thing with anti-white diversity at (((CNN))), given that there's considerable overlap between "national" security agents and the media presented to Americans these days. I honestly don't get these people working at Zionist owned and operated media outlets like CNN or the anti-white US gov. enforcing "diversity" everywhere. It doesn't occur to you that for all the talk of equality, you do not have equality with the ethnic group that owns CNN and the corporate media?

They get an ethnic state, you get a career. Because for all the talk of "national" security, you have no ethnic identity equal to their own and therefore no real "national" security? People at CNN can't all be crackhead careerists that once interned at the CIA ("former"... CIA?). There have to be some of you at CNN, in the CIA, etc... that don't want your own kin to be diversified out of existence in order to avoid "white supremacy"/"Nazism". Some that want whites to have some sort of self-determination/"""supremacy""" in the lands and countries that their forefathers died for. So... what the hell are you guys doing? Even Trumpians: "I disavow... disavow... I don't like the idea supremacy for my own group." Why the hell not? What do you think your ancestors died for, ethnic subjugation and endless servility to foreign groups? You're already being dominated by a foreign group that can get you fired, a group that generally has supremacy over you. Do you like that?

(Just rambling to the CIA/CNN types... seriously. It looks like most of you need a Snowden moment: "What the hell am I doing this stuff for? My career!" Even if he may not have grasped why the "Liberty this and that." customs and traditions of Northern Europeans are declining.)

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