Friday, September 23, 2016

Black Guy Explains Why Blacks Will Lose A Race War - Extended Version

An issue of ethnic identity already answered on the street level with
the Jewish invention of the "White Hispanic" Zimmerman, so according to
the Jewish/African alliance we are all White/Spanish/European/"Nazi"
people that should allow ourselves to be beaten to death by feral
Africans. They try to split white ethnic groups politically. But the
reality of what "the media"/Jews have already done and continue to do
based on their alignment with Africans against "White Hispanics" is

Perhaps debatable, given how easily some Hispanic/Spanish ethnic groups are to incite against "whites"/themselves. Just like many other witless whites are/have been rather easily incited by Jews against "Nazis"/Germans/themselves too.

Regardless, the racial realities shown in this video are biological. Who was the best sniper? Who was the best fighter pilot? Who invented the plane/car/train/gun in the first place? History shows that witless white ethnic groups can be convinced by Jews/bankers, at times, to fight each other. Or after 911/Jewish false flag, to fight with witless Arabs/Muslims while the Jews create debt/money out of nothing to finance both sides of wars that they keep inciting among the "goyim"/tribes/nations and so on. With their high verbal acuity and money, they can occasionally convinced white men to snipe a bunch of equally stupid and ignorant Arabs and so forth. But that sniping skill itself, that visual/spatial IQ, that geometric sense linked to the invention of the gun/plane/GPS/etc. and science as we know it in the first place... is white. Sometimes it just needs a little guidance.

I am against sniping Africans easily incited by Jews just like I'm against an implicitly White Team American Sniper killing Arab ethnic groups and so forth. But if they want whites to go tribal and as "gang related" and as easily incited by Jews/"the media"/Soros/Alinksy/Silverman/Goldman/"Communists"/etc. as they are. If they want to come at us. Then so be it. What do the ethnic groups that the Jews count as "diversity and equality" expect?

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