Friday, September 09, 2016

Comment at the Daily Stormer

Right... just one small thing. A herd of animals doesn't move based on "conspiracy theory," they move based on instinct. And actual "conspirators" like Nazis or Zionist/Communist/whoever that are cognitively aware of herd dynamics aside (like people here)... for the masses it's all just ethnic instinct. The average Jew has no idea what their own group is doing. Explain it to them and they're like: "Wut?" Then a little while later they're like: "Oh." The "Oh, that's what we're doing?" factor is why some of them study what "Nazis" are saying and then conspire on how to deal with it/cover up the explanation for their behavior patterns as a group.

But for most it's just ethnic instinct. Does a flock of birds need to have bird brained "conspiracy theory" meeting about which way to fly as a flock based on their perceptions of a hawk or predator above them? No. They just fly together. (That's why this stuff with Trump is hilarious. And he's not even an actual predator, he's just a large bird at the edge of their own flock, so large and edgy that he looks like he might almost be a hawk. Lol... more entertainment.)


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