Thursday, July 31, 2014


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Vote down!
Condemn Israel for what?....Hamas has been constantly attacking Israel ever since their inception, and if it wan not Hamas it would be some other Muslim organization, the U.S. is at fault for demanding that Palestine be given the gaza strip, now we see the results of that.....we "liberated" Iraq, look at that, we "liberated" Libya Obama and his head honcho Valerie Jarrett have screwed the country again, pretty soon we will be the North American Social States with everyone on welfare.........
Thu, 07/31/2014 - 14:07 | 5028237 my_nym
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The dumb goyim golem "liberated" Iraq and tried to check people's underpants for WMDs there for the sake of Israeli strategic interests in the region.  Duh.  They even had their pet scape goat for 911 trot out the acronym OIL or Operation Iraqi Liberation.  And he, himself was probably dumb enough to believe that was the case.  And that it was Al Qaeda, aka the toilet, that threatened Air Forcd One on 911.
Some people like symbolism but the dumb goy are illterate, if not busy with writing their own dyslexicons.  "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...  a fool can't get fooled again!"  --W
W., on the Boston Bombing, "I was concerned that it might be another con... highly organized plot.  Or somethin'."

It's pathetic.  You're pathetic.  Learn.  Grow up.  Stop being incorporated in the scams that they frame as being about OIL or freedumb and DUMBocracy.  Israel helped create Hamas for the same reason that they're serving as the AirForce of "Al Qaeda" in Syria.  At least until it's time to flush the toilet again.  They want terrorism in order to continue their war on terror.  It's not rocket science.  Although if you weren't a witless wonder and were actually a rocket scientist, then the Tribe Inc. would probably steal whatever you invented while leaving you to launder some money through War Inc. anyway.

Seriously, dude.  Wakey, wakey...  

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