Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Operation Ajax

The overthrow of a democratically elected leader of Iran by the CIA and the installation of the Shah Palavi of Iran.

He was a ruthless and brutal dictator over his people, casuing untold suffering, but friendly to the United States Oil Corporation's interests.

Gee...I just do not know why the Iranians would be pissed about that...

Well they were and they deposed the Shah and Khomeni took over. Then they seized the Embassy and took the occupant CIA Agents "hostage".

(They were actually "Prisoners of War" as the invasion was an overt act of war as they invaded sovereign US Territory. But Carter was too fucking weak to declare that a state of War existed.)

But as it developed we got our "hostages" back, tortured, after 444 Days because of a Backdoor Deal with former CIA Director, and, at the time, Vice Presidential Candidate George HW Bush.

But after we got the hostages back, we made a phone call to our buddy over in Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and asked that he invade Iran...which he subsequently did.

You can bet that made Iran really happy.

But that was okay because our CIA bought some Cocaine down in Columbia, sold it to the people as Crack Cocaine on the streets of East Los Angeles. Then the CIA took those profits, bought weapons and sold them to Iran, covertly arming them so that they could fight the Iraqis, who we were overtly supporting. Then the CIA, then, took the profits from that to arm the Contra Rebels who were fighting the democratically elected Government down in Nicaragua, who we wanted overthrown just like the one in Iran back in 1953, against the wishes of Congress. 

(That was called the Iran-Contra Scandal which Reagan actually did not know about because he was experiencing the beginnings of Alzheimers Disease...and George HW Bush was acting as President.)

We used Noriega in Panama to broker those Cocaine Deals with Columbia but he had a fucking big mouth. (How do you think Congress found out??)

Well George HW Bush was pretty pissed off about that so we set him up after George HW Bush was elected President. Then we had our US Navy Seals INVADE PANAMA and depose him.

That happened right before April Glaspie, US Ambassador to Iraq, gave Saddam Hussein permission to invade Kuwait in July, 1990.


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