Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Comment on Facebook refusing to censor...

They'd have to remove and police a lot of the Israeli's groups and posts also. Including one from their member of parliament openly calling for the genocide of Palestinian men, women, children and babies... or "the little snakes" that Palestinian mothers are birthing, as she put it. If an Israeli youth leader has a FB then they'd also have to remove a post about his idea that the IDF needs to collect 300 Palestinian foreskins and so on. In the end, perhaps it's just too much policing for another Jewish tribe member like Zuckerberg to do. There are a few problems with his own tribal affiliations that equal anything the Arabs come up with. Maybe he's sensitive about that. Or perhaps it wouldn't do to have any tribal or ethnic networking among Jews exposed to the goyim over a smaller issue like Zionism that's generally tangential to the forms of tribal financial power (Soros, J Street, Bernanke, Yellen, etc.) in the West that Zuckerberg has been incorporated in. Or it may be that Zuckerberg and the people running Facebook Inc. have absorbed the values of the Founders and the Constitution by osmosis. So they reject the concept of "political correctness" that was ironically, invented by the Jews of the Frankfurt School and is often still policed by Jews or the shabat goy of organizations founded by them to this day.

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