Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Saving a few rambles... I'm probably the only one there that understands many of the reference points and juxtapositions in them anyway.

  1. The USA will not send a presidential delegation to the Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi because of host Russia’s military action in nearby Ukraine.
    “In addition to other measures we are taking in response to the situation in Ukraine, the United States will no longer send a Presidential Delegation to the upcoming Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi,” White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said in a statement on Monday. “President Obama continues to strongly support all of the U.S. athletes who will participate in the Paralympics and wishes them great success in the Olympic competition.” USA won’t send presidential delegation to Sochi Paralympics
    It would probably be best if the Obama administration just stopped at this point. Stop.
    Do nothing. (Next thing you know they’re going to be dragging out “Pussy Riot” at the Paralympics or trying to play pretend that some gay athletes without legs are being bullied there. Or better yet, midgets… because Russians hate midgets. Marketing the conflict that way would get some metrosexual and single woman voter support for Hillary. Not that it would actually accomplish anything, in reality. But isn’t more entertainment and bread and circuses all that matter to liberal dupes, at this point?)

    They’ve already been played on the Syria/Iran situation and now they’ve apparently gone and allowed a premature “F* the EU.” coup. (Not that I have any use for the EU and their corruption. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the Obama administration is utterly incompetent. Did he even stop playing golf or appearing on late night shows long enough to let Kerry know what the position of the administration is this time? Or is he just going to stand back and allow the criminal bureaucracies to go on running themselves?)

    It’s all basically of no matter to me. And perhaps it’s for the best that American foreign policy is collapsing, apparently due to incompetence.

    Following John McCain… in Syria those demonstrating “leadership” were basically on the side of jihadis and in the Ukraine they’re basically on the side of fascists. Not that former KGB thugs and Russian oligarchs are any better but in any event…. with the Obama administration bumbling around, what does it matter? Apparently one of his handlers and producers needs to give him a crayon to draw a red line again, before he goes off to provide more entertainment on Comedy Central or wherever.

    Regardless, hazy neocon/Zionist talk about “leadership” and all the rest of it makes no difference to more and more Americans. How is it in our interests to police the world? Show your work. Show the trade routes or “Iran’s path to the sea” and what you think is going to happen if we don’t “bomb, bomb” Iran, support the overthrow in Syria by nationalist with jihadis mixed in… or in this case, support Ukrainian nationalists with more than a few fascists mixed in, etc. What’s the point, democracy and “human rights”? Russia is worse than the jihadis and Ukrainian fascists that America is willing to try to arm or ally with? Right. It’s more likely that it’s all about Empire. But of what benefit is it to Russian or American peasants to fight for an Empire if oligarchs and banksters are looting their wealth while seeking new investment opportunities?

  2. Ramble:
    Not to mention that the bureaucracies of the national security state that have basically begun running themselves in the absence of leadership are bumbling around in criminal ways at this point. Big picture, this goes back to the Boston bombing and the executions of anyone in that terrist cell. But they can’t very well say that the Russians turned a terrorist bound for Chechnya. Again, outsmarted… maybe it would be best if people stopped thinking that they’re smart. Otherwise arrogance may be the death of us. Again, just stop. No more reports about Pussy Riot in the corporate media. No more “Russians are anti-gay” stuff. No more boycotting the Paralympics. (Good grief.) No more soft, effete power. And no more of the McCainiac traipsing around the world with guns blazing either (if only he could).

    Just stop. You’re trillions in “debt”/money anyway, supposedly. Depending on what debt/money is, who gets bailed out and who doesn’t… etc.

    Although if you really want to win hearts and minds or engage in hazy neocon talk about global “leadership,” then send Team America, World Police to Detroit or “Chiraq” to build some bridges there… you never know, you might actually win some hearts and minds.

    Why do I think that all “conservatives” see in the things I’m referring to is: “The Obama administration is incompetent.”
    There is that. But, now what?

    It’s basically the increasingly criminal bureaucracies (NSA, State Department, Pentagon, etc.) running the country and often making most significant decisions anyway. So Obama is probably generally going to continue to do what they tell him to do in the name of being thoughtful or “leading from behind” and so wind up being left trying to sell or market all significant decisions to the American people again. He’s quite the salesman for, sometimes. The only reason he didn’t find himself in the position of entertainer in chief and salesman with the Syria/Iran situation was the American people got ahead of him and said, “No. Just stop.” to the plans of their (generally) criminal bureaucracies.

    Ironically the main people that would believe Obama’s marketing for a pretext for the war with Iran going “hot” would have been “conservatives” and Zionists… but maybe I shouldn’t do what Moseley does and lump everyone together into a generality that includes millions of people. Or there again, maybe I should. As sometimes it’s necessary to speak in generalities like “conservative” and “liberal,” given that’s how people are being schooled to categorize themselves.

  3. One of the guys standing with him.
    Not that I blame people for noticing the ethnic hatred of Jews that was at least partially to blame for the Holodomor. “Never forget.” and all that. But there again, they’re just exchanging Jewish supremacy and tribalism for their own version. It is curious that Americans haven’t been “schooled” to think of the Holodomor in terms of a sacrifice or Holocaust based on sacred numbers, etc. There again, most don’t even know that the Holodomor happened… or the Holocaust either, at this point. So what does it matter. Give them their bread and circuses… until there isn’t enough “money” to run the political circus providing their entertainment in the same way anymore.
    Anyway, this is similar to John McCain standing next leaders from the Golden Dawn. What is he doing or trying to accomplish, again?

  4. John McCain, Syria

    Pretty sure some of those guys turned out to be jihadis. (Just think, McCain could have been president and then we’d probably be fighting three or four wars at once.) If someone wants to explain to me what “conservatives” are trying to accomplish beyond hazy talk about “global leadership” or “being a strong leader” or “Look at us, at least we’re leaders and stuff!” then explain. If it can’t be explained, then why not have an entertainer in chief that’s big on “soft power” or doing nothing but playing golf and appearing on late shows? He may not be a leader. But at least he isn’t leading* us to wars that aren’t in our interests, as peasants. (Note that wealth disparity and the looting of the economy by banksters and oligarchs is taking off anyway, even without a “need” to create more debt/money to finance more War Inc.)

  5. *No leadership…. but: “I’m good at killing people.”
    Apparently dealing with Putin is harder than assassinating sixteen year old Arab kids without trial for our entertainer in chief. More: “We’re not going to the Paralympics now.” More: “Pussy Riot” More: “Russians are anti-gay.”
    Big deal. I’m sure that Putin is crying himself to sleep each night over some Soros funded femen protestors.
    Meanwhile, he’s only good at killing sixteen year old Arab kids. (Where is Bill Maher to call someone in Team America a “coward” for using technology to kill from afar when you need him?)
  6. Putin vs. femen….
    He must be crying himself to sleep over all the “soft power” being used against him and people thinking that he’s anti-gay or a bully, clearly.

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