Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Big ramble... until I realized that I don't really need to write all this.

Big ramble.  Speculation about how it's holding together, etc.  (The thing of it is, it's "holding together" relative to other empires and factions within itself.  So in the end... who knows.  But it doesn't look good.  So be prepared to buy your "Delaware Strong!!!" tshirts and so on with the crowd of lemmings, without any actual investigation into anything, if any terrism happens here too.  And remember, you're supposed to hate Muslims enough to drone them and let the US/Israeli establishment assassinate them without trial.  But you're not supposed to hate them enough to fail to associate with them or to discriminate against them in any way.  Etc.) 

It's all running on the fumes of fossil fuels and full faith and credit in the petro/narco dollar for now.  Obama's type of hopium might have been the last thing for the national security state and their corporate to try to put in the tank. 

Edward Snowden was disillusioned with Obama's hopium... and there are many others that are unlike the trendy and degenerate imbeciles created by the "Closing of the American Mind" in America's colleges.  There are still a lot of people out here that care about the truth, even in the Western world where entertainment and perceptions and increasingly ludicrous political campaigns are supposedly all that matter.  More entertainment.  Bread and circuses.  People living in ancient empires often had great entertainment, great food and so forth too... but that was usually the beginnings of decadence and corruption in the body politic.  Then there's the crash and some type of spiritual awakening or awareness that intangibles like integrity and principle actually are important.  (I.e.... self-evident moral and natural laws are important like mathematics and geometry are important to admit to and are not like a choice in forms of entertainment.)

If power draws the corrupt and the psychopathic then it is weakness.  And if organizations or empires built on absolute power corrupt absolutely, then it is absolute weakness.  It's like having the "power" to grasp and hold sand that is slipping through your fingers.*  It's only a matter of time until all your political "power" turns to dust.  Integrity may look like weakness at times but from a different perspective than one focused totally on the dust of the earth (and not the geometry of which it is actually composed), being incorruptible would be the ultimate in power.

*Perhaps the greatest hope for some is that time runs out in their hour glass and they turn to dust before their political power and their supposedly great empires do.  That's what the homosexual movement in America has to be thinking, seems to me... to the extent that people have chosen to define themselves and morality by their own desires and feelings think about anything.  Because there is usually a time when military men (order, etc.) begin to come to power.  There is usually a shift when the masses conclude that they need less entertainment, less decadence and generally less of the behavior patterns that generally go into the theatrical/"cult"ural production of the gay identity itself.  The military industrial complex that's expanded American wealth to some extent (but not for serfs* that get "trickled down" on, necessarily) isn't running on little ponies pooping rainbows of tolerance on everyone all around the world. 

Who knows...  "Maybe this time it'll be different or somethin'."   Seems unlikely.   "Maybe I'll be dead before the consequences of the gay identity and the idea of defining yourself by your own feelings in order to shift morality around come into fruition in my civilization."  Maybe.  Not that many people (However they choose to define themselves.) are actually thinking much of anything beyond their own feelings at this point.                 

*Serfs... as contrasted with the Carlyle Group/Soros, Booz Allen Hamilton and the oligarchic crime families running the show in general while "trickling down" on the hot headed peasants willing to fight in their wars.  I guess the deal is, if a serf is hot headed enough to fight for War Inc. (to save the incubator babies in Iraq or check everyone's underpants for WMDs, etc.) then they'll be "trickled down" on by the oligarchs running the defense establishment later... to cool them off.  If serfs really wanted to protect their families instead of fighting for oligarchs like Soros then they'd form well regulated militias.  The interesting thing about it, they usually actually prefer the pageantry and the entertainment and the bread and circuses... before they're sent off to kill other peasants.  Nothing to do with protecting their families.  Indeed, forming well regulated militias or executing their oligarchs with trial instead of executing other peasants without trial would probably do more to provide for and protect their own families than trying to get incorporated in the War Inc. being run by globalists at a global level. 

But everyone usually prefers more entertainment and entertainment or the use of deception, is king...  until it isn't.   

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