Friday, March 07, 2014

Facebook Inc. vs. the Second Ammendment

Facebook, has not infringed on the right of anyone to “keep” and “bear” arms. Nowhere does the amendment articulate or imply the right to advertise arms...

When the judiciary is capable of pulling decisions about "constitutionality" out of its own penumbras that allow women to kill their children while simultaneously giving women the right to force men to pay for child support, the Constitution is relatively meaningless. 

At that point you live in an age of female supremacy, where everything tending toward the feminine is valued and everything tending toward the masculine (guns, etc.) tends to be degraded.  I.e. an age where fathers in entertainment are for the most part portrayed as bumbling fools while boys are often drugged in schools.   (And that's if they escape the estrogen pollution in the first place.)  Apparently this will be the predominate cultural trend until it ends, as usual, and masculinity is valued again.  That will be when people turn to the "fascist" side of socialism, unless a more perfect union is formed between the Two Towers/Pillars of civilization by turning back to supposedly archaic "family values" and self-sacrifice in marriage, etc. But things like that are probably hard to fathom for people that have been taught that marriage is all about their own happiness and desires and state of being gay.  (Plus we live in a world in which the Two Towers upon which civilization rests have been destroyed on purpose, in order to give birth to a new order out of chaos.  Male, female...  and the seat of Solomon is the son.  Too esoteric, I guess.)   

Yet there could be a shift in trends in the cultural petri dish and the group mind, away from talk of penumbras and the light of the moon in the evening that supposedly favor the daughters of Eve and back toward the sun that they eclipse, the explosively dangerous sons of Adam. 

Going gay and soft is just the setup for something over the horizon (Zone of Horus) according to occultists, something somewhere over the rainbow... but I guess that's getting too esoteric again, huh?

Perhaps it's all symbolic or just a Rorschach test of archetypes, cultural trends and symbolic associations, except when it isn't. 

(But they came up with an emanation of a penumbra... yet the Second Amendment doesn't "emanate" that much, apparently.  Seriously, people. )

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