Friday, February 07, 2014


It may be that aspects of multiculturalism are just a scam created by Jewish Marxists of the Frankfurt school. 

Have Jewish organizations or Jewish Marxists and so forth ever been big on supporting multiculturalism in Israel or within their own perceived tribe?  Or do they want their own religious and ethnic state, as a tribe that isn't very "multi"?  Anti-miscegenation laws and so forth among themselves but calls for intermarriage for everyone else and so on?  Why is that? 

From Freud to Marx, Talmudists and other converts to Judaism or people that have an ethnic perception of themselves as members of a tribe above all other tribes seem to tend to support multiculturalism and/or the dissolution of all other cultures, yet they are usually tribalists or even racial supremacists themselves.

A source of Marxism and the usual pattern of "multiculturalism" for everyone but Zionists and tribe members:
Moses (Moshe) Hess (January or June 21, 1812 – April 6, 1875) was a Jewish philosopher and socialist, and one of the founders of Labor Zionism.  ....  Hess converted Engels to Communism, and introduced Marx to social and economic problems. ...
   Hess was probably responsible for several "Marxian" slogans and ideas, including religion as the "opiate of the people." Hess became reluctant to base all history on economic causes and class struggle, and he came to see the struggle of races, or nationalities, as the prime factor of history.  --Wikipedia
Convert to Judaism, I guess.... and then you get to police all other tribes or support multiculturalism for everyone but your own perceived tribe and nation.  

Random note, ever notice how the Holodomor hasn't been framed as a tribal "sacrifice" that establishes the right of Christian Ukrainians to go to Israel and bulldoze the houses of Israelis down?  Maybe the whole idea of holocausts and the concept of a human sacrifice made by fire is tribal, which is why it doesn't quite add up.
“We can’t equate the Holocaust of the Jews in Germany with the Holodomor in Ukraine. Ukrainian Jewish leaders do not support recognizing the Holodomor as genocide.” — Baltimore Jewish Times, Nov 14 2007.
 But why not?  They're not members of the tribe that has wrapped a religion around the concept of "race"?  There again, who is a real member of the tribe?  After all, there are various factions despite the way that the rabbis treat heretics and the brutal methods that they've employed to hold their supposed tribe together.  Not to mention the cycle of violence and tribalism/nationalism many rabbis tend to create among reactionary goyim that begin to realize the racism and tribalism involved in their teachings, which tends to justify some type of collective or tribal response in the minds of reactionaries.  Etc. 

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