Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Facebook ramble... might think about this later.

From the article:  "For example, Scripture is of no help for getting someone to the moon. It isn’t a book on calculus, rocket science, or orbital trajectories. But no Christian expects it to be that, either. Why would they? That isn’t the purpose of Scripture according to Scripture." 

The only problem being, this isn't the way that people actually live their lives by compartmentalizing themselves into neat compartments loosely associated with the Right/Left divide.  Or for those into mythologies of progress where "red state" rubes and shepherds are always wrong but "blue state" wise men are always right and progressive... actually they can both be guided to find the Truth. 

Anyway, perhaps Scripture is of help for getting someone to the moon because they might have been killed in a Darwinian struggle for life if people around them took a Darwinian view of them.  Or they might have been expelled from their nation like the Nazis did to Jewish scientists, often based on Darwinian creation myths.  Or perhaps scientists might not be able to trust the research work of others because of the way that culture changes when a Word and Scripture based worldview deteriorates, naturally.  For instance, imagine if Tesla and Newton had the same mentality as the Illuminati and sought to use their science to control and manipulate people.  Fake alien invasion passed off as the "gods" that guided evolution incoming.  Etc.  Don't think that we're necessarily better than the ancients due to technology.  Within a generation of apocalyptic events, people could be led to sacrifice others (any political enemies of the elites closer to the top of the pyramid scheme, most likely) in order to move the sun across the sky or "save" the sun from an eclipse.   

People are whole in the brains between their temples.  They are not abstractions or compartments like "religion" and "science."  That's merely a useful heuristic, if anything.  And one might begin to question how useful it's been if people have begun to think that reason is the enemy of Jesus. 

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