Monday, October 22, 2012

Toxic prescriptions?

You see how I write too much... but there is probably no higher or lower worth writing of these days.  Someone should probably make a note of the only written record of Jesus engaging in describing the work of the scribes and the spirit of their prescriptions, writing in dirt.  That's a long way from a Jewish scribe taking a bath or putting on new clothes to be burned after they're done scribbling scripts about "right"eous prescriptions in dead letters, I guess.  But people created as works of art in the "left hand path" yet in the image of God's only "right hand man" managing to maintain a little bit of enlightenment in the brains between their symbolic temples?  That might result in prophecy, even within "the sycamores have fallen" corrupt, degenerate and semi-literate united state of America.  The ruling class wouldn't be reading religious curses on us if they were not semi-literate and could finish those verses put on their teleprompters.  Separation of church and state!  Or perhaps a moment of silence, for politicians to pretend that they're praying to any god but themselves or their national gods.  Maybe we should vote to extend their moment of silence all day.  But they will not be silent and we're incorporated into their body politic and ruled by them.  So perhaps this new arc of the covenant in a new world will end the same as every other arc in the world after the dove/Colombus is sent out to find new land.... in broken covenants, lawlessness and iniquity?    The monuments to ignorance that litter the world illustrate that Lucifer trying to change forms or square the circle to escape the Logos can go on for centuries if various body politics of people created in the image of God can be held together long enough.  Maybe this time?  No.  This time?  No.  Etc.  Meanwhile, civilizations rise and fall... it seems to be true, the world doesn't revolve around us and I'd imagine that we're caught up in disputes about good and evil that we know little of.  Although we tend to reflect such things in the creation of our own political forms of representation and there's only one side to it that seems to want to save its own tiny forms of representation down to the last wave of energy.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it seems that knowledge can be created.  In any event, it is worth noting even for people that only care about or imagine a world of brains between their temples that there is no gay utopia of tolerance and so on somewhere over these false rainbows of broken covenants.  As things degenerate within nations or there are spiritual war games in nations then things get worse in the world for the "lower" builders in "the base" of the symbolic pyramid that cannot be completed, not better.   Little known fact, we wouldn't even want these "stargates" and technical manipulations of light and so on to be completed.  But anyway, the political base which has to be manipulated into building monuments to ignorance are usually too busy trying to kill or sacrifice each other to expand the united state of their empire, not enough energy... don't you know.  The Egyptian magicians who imagined themselves to be "higher" up in levels:  "We've reached the limits of our light shows now.  Is this something new under the sun?"  Meanwhile, why are people trying to use technology and the wealth of false profits within the American empire these days to transcend their gender while others act like they cannot rule their sexual desires?  You are told by the corporate media and their profitable theatrical productions that you can use technology and techniques to change sex itself... but never sexual desires.  Imagine that!  Maybe they should try to change people into hermaphrodites, an even more efficient use of wealth and technology created by the sacrifices of soldiers.  The bigger the bull market grows, the bigger the market for its sacrificial slaughter.  Meanwhile parts of the body politic seem to be drawn to want transfiguration based on the false profits of American Idols produced for them, yet they are conditioned to reject the singular nature of the source of transfiguration and bushes which do not burn.  Too busy imagining that they would not be first in line with the stones if their families were threatened by the STDs and viruses that spread through the ancient body politics of the past, I'd imagine. Tolerance, it comes so easily to people who have enough wealth/liberty to afford it!  But let us think through those brains between our temples and avoid these great technical feats of manipulating perceptions with light shows and the emotional conditioning of mooovies for the herd, if we still can.  Imagine if there is no higher or lower, first or last or male or female because if we are led to worship the Creator of order and being itself, then that is our perfect place in any world.   After all, it is only those who want to imagine themselves as the singular creator who are interested in playing pretend about evolving up to being the "most high" within their own "order out of chaos" pyramid schemes.  It's all overrated.  Yet we have been disordered physically throughout our generations and Jesus never said anything against developing techniques to see how many times a symbolic slithering snake could be twisted around a ruling pole.  I.e. generally using toxins and poisons used as a cure or a way to make the snake eat its own tale in some small measure but not really inventing the nanotech and creating the sources of energy it would take to run a physical body on vegetables... or perhaps cheeseburgers.  So lift the snake up on a pole with wisdom and care, lest the toxic "cure" of physicians and the magicians of old become the poison of believing that a symbolic broods of vipers are the creators of eternal life. 

It's all symbolic and easy to debate intellectually, except when its your DNA and your body on the line.  And then one wants a cure no matter what techniques are used... and be quick about it too!     

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