Monday, October 22, 2012

Right and Left, again...

On the one hand American artists already know that their songs resonate with babble while on the other, those who imagine themselves to be righteous rulers plan more wars with their hidden hands to protect their false profits.  If people had the scales of false rulers fall from their eyes then what would they see and measure for themselves in the body politics in which they live or their own bodies?  How many times can a symbolic snake be twisted back around a pole or a toxin used by physicians?  Does it matter if infants are killed for the sake of abortion rites to incorporate political profits from the wealthiest women to ever walk the face of the earth supposedly not having enough on the one hand... or sent in as the infantry to sacrifice for the false profits of "righteous" wars financed by the wealthiest of men on the right hand?  So choose your political idol and the best optics for the base in the market of B$ being financed by those who still have scales weighted down with false measures in their eyes full of usury and iniquity.  After all, the same all seeing eye looks down on all sides of the political stage that they've bought and paid for with "full faith and credit" in the almighty dollar so no one with a central bank is turning the tables on them... yet.  There seem to be big movements growing in the bowels of the world these days.  But for now we go from American Idol to Stars Earn Stripes... as Lady Liberty seems to be beginning to shake her spear of entertainment.  Maybe people should finance a "reality show" on the decks of the aircraft carriers on the way to the gulf in reality?  Why do I feel drawn to write too much?  It seems that I can't help but have great hopes for Team America, World Police and Romney or Obama Inc.  Yet no sooner does one hope than a political idol emerges from the bowels of the body politic to be an entertainer in chief while protecting yet more false profits by selling yet more hopium to be incorporated into the lives of individuals in the body politic through its banking system.  Are your profits higher, or mine?  It's not going to profit us anything if we have to pay it all back to a creator that likes to play pretend about being God, whether in one world or another.  Random notes, there are storm clouds on the horizon and a holocaust is a sacrifice made by fire.  To be or not to be is supposedly an open question but the handwriting is on the wall, symbolism is being produced by artisans and the siren songs of civilization are being sung by musicians already.

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