Monday, October 22, 2012

Golden rules?

The golden rule of the world, he who was the gold makes the rules.  Random note, the alchemical dream of establishing the dawning of a golden age by refining techniques is paradoxical.  For example, if everyone began to have gold as their economic language in order to state their values then their language would become as worthless as that of a liar.  After all, everyone would have it. 

Gold in the Kingdom of the Word used to state relationships in a real pyramidal structure of sorts:  Priceless   

The manipulated gold and pyramid schemes of this world:  Worthless  

The cost of trying to redeem a world where there is nothing new under the sun:  We know not what we did.... or do we? 

Actually, they don't even bother to use gold anymore due to the decline of American civilization.  The Founders used gold as a Constitutional technique to limit the corruption typical to man by a physical limit.  But that was sold out, along with everything else.  So fasten your seat belts... this may be a bumpy ride after the election or whenever everyone around the globe stops uniting to paper things over.

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