Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Letter of the day...

After reading another article about Islamic government that reviles the United States and criticizes what we are doing in the Middle East, we shake our heads and rant "They need a democracy like we have!" We are dumbfounded by the naivete that believes a successful government can be based on fundamentalist religious principles.

For intellectual honesty, let's look at our current political situation. The United States has a president who speaks for God, a ruling political party that represents true believers, assurance that our government should be guided by religious principles and agendas purportedly founded on biblical views.

Apparently those who truly believe that they do not believe anything will never tire of pretending that their mentally incompetent beliefs about "true believers" matter. To elaborate, given the type of Leftist "reasoning" in which all believers are merged together (no matter how deep and fundamental their scriptural or theological differences and distinctions are) one would have to say that the anti-Nazi Confessional Church was wrong because it was "fundamentalist" and they truly believed that biblical/textual truths had to be confessed to as a defining/fundamental aspect of Christianity. (Defining it as opposed to the "German Christians," etc.)

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the abysmal reasoning that Delawareans engage in given that I often argue that American civilization is on the decline. And therefore language based reasoning along with it, so what do I expect? But still, reading some of these editorials I find myself a little surprised. In this case, note that if you simply merge together all fundamentalists and use the term as a buzzword against all textually defined belief then you may have merged such disparate sentiments as: "Establish Christian hospitality as a witness for my form of knowledge." with "Cut off the head of the infidel to spread the knowledge of Allah."

It's ironic to note that one fundamentalist type position tends to result in civilization as we know it in the Greco/Judeo/Christian West. That is how hospitals and the very caring for health with "healthcare" that the Leftist mind seems to enjoy sniveling came about. Hospitals have often come about based on Christian notions of hospitality, thus their names. They did not come about based on the pagan belief in the "survival of the fittest" and the pseudo-science of Darwinism that such beliefs have rested on in modern times. Instead, Darwinism is linked to eugenics and the abuse of hospitals because the ethics of hospitality upon which hospitals rest are undermined by Darwinism's modern rationalizations for the values of old Nature based paganism.

With the White House courting Armageddon theologians, why shouldn't they also discount global warming...

Everyone should agree that our precious Mommy Earth is going to come to an end as we know it. There is evidence of great catastrophism in the past that will most likely repeat. Even barring catastrophe and cataclysm the orbits of planets go a little more out of an alignment favorable to Life as I write this, not to mention the way the human race seems bound to run itself to death and so on. Yet knowing that the world will come to an end is no argument against doing the best we can to garden the Garden to support the life forms and form of life that we value. And that is all we are doing, supporting the life forms that we value (a grand bird of prey, a majestic whale, etc.) and not those forms of life that we do not (rectal parasites, etc., unfortunately one could include unborn human life among devalued forms of life as well).

To reason backwards from believing in the end of the world to the fact that people must not care about the world as the writer does there we'd have to conclude that all the false prophets of Great Doom among environmentalists must be arguing that we may as well focus on the present because of the coming catastrophy due to global warming.

...disagree with geological explanations of fossil fuel depletion, eschew Darwinian theories of evolution...

Anyone acquainted with basic forms of evidence and basic logic eschews Darwinian theories of evolution, the end of the world really doesn't have much to do with it.

...reject global population planning, and oppose stem cell research?(This excercise in inanity was brought to you by Ron Hamlen and Sue Fuhrmann of Elkton, Md.)

Leftists who believe in scientism have been prophesying various forms of Great Doom based on the pseudo-science typical to them ever since Malthus, then they went to eugenics, but since the Nazi implementation of eugenics and the general collapse of Communism they are left with abortion and condoms. In all of it they are consistent in one thing, rebellion against the spiritual nature of man. Yet because man does have a spiritual nature that exists within Nature which the Leftist mind can never admit to without fundamentally changing, all its forms of "planning" never seem to work. One could almost be a spiritual utilitarian, failing to believe that the spiritual exists yet seeing that believing it does works. Too bad that doesn't work either, though.

As for the general theme of apocaplytical things being linked to politics, there actually are not that many Christian "fundamentalists" in America who argue that people will die if you don't agree with them politically and so on. There are a few that argued that 9/11 was God's judgment and so on. I'm not sure how they purport to know that and I can't recall if they changed their minds later or if anything political actually came of it. Usually nothing comes of it. Yet on the other hand, there are many environmentalists who prophesy that all sorts of Great Doom will happen if people do not agree with them and regulations and laws do actually result. Generally the environmentalists who prophesy Great Doom to all who disagree with their pet policies are the ones who are actually in charge of governmental agencies and the like. In contrast, the handful of clergy that engage in the same form of reasoning from the other side usually don't actually do anything governmentally.

Despite all the prophesyzin' that goes on, it's worth noting that the end of the world as we know it is coming no matter what your worldview is. If you suppose that your view of the world is more material in nature, the end of the earth as we know it approaches. If you believe that your worldview is naturally grounded in the spiritual, the end of the world still approaches naturally enough.

Given my worldview all I would say is that there will come a time when the human race is finished trying to run a race away from the government of God, then is when it will be finished. So make a note of it: "End of the world coming. Also, we're out of milk." Perhaps you could file your note away as a bit of knowledge that is most likely going to be irrelevant to you and the way that you try to govern your own life and run your part of the human race. For despite the way that Great Doom approaches you will go and live the life granted to you by the grace of God. On a personal note, it's more relevant for each person to know that you could easily die tomorrow. There's a little doom for you. And that would be the end of the material world as you know it, which is all that matters as far as you go.

The Leftist mind may be half-witted about the little matter of Life but it isn't totally wrong. Matter does matter, it's just not all that matters.

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