Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Republican conspiracy at the News Journal?

Possible evidence is here.

A sample of the conspiracy: Here we are watching another terroristic plot to destroy our way of life, just in time for the elections. I don't want to feed into conspiracy theory, but doesn't it seem strange that every time we are about to go into an election period, terrorists are going to blow something up in the world? --Paul Keffer, Newark

I don't want to feed into conspiracy theories but it seems strange that this letter would show up now, just when it will help Republicans once again portray Democrats and their supporters as too ignorant and kooky to be trusted on the issue of terrorism. The Big Secret is that editorials like this are just part of Karl Rove's Master Plan. The poor Democrats, just when they don't want to look like mush-minded kooks that can't judge an actual line of cause and effect* even if their lives (and our national security) depend on it, letters like this are being planted in papers by Republican operatives like this fellow. You see, it's all part of the type of vast plan typical to the vast right wing conspiracy.

Just kidding. But if many Leftist kooks attack Republicans based on the mildly schizophrenic forms of paranoia that some Leftist minds tend to lose themselves in on certain issues then that will probably do more political damage to the Democrats than any Vast Conspiracy on the Right.

Anyway, a person of marginal knowledge and reasoning ability can pick apart what this poor fellow is trying to say based on a few basic facts combined with logic: "If what this fellow says is true, then why this?" Etc. And if you don't begin to subtley use your own imagination as evidence and fall into pattern invention instead of pattern recognition as conspiracy theorists typically do, then the Grand Narrative that the conspiracy theorist is trying to weave together based on disparate facts tends to fall apart.

*A lack of ideological judgment that is too typical to the Leftist mind these days, e.g.: "Don't look at what is being taught to the Muslim youth at madrassas, look over here at the so-called 'smudge' on this one picture of 9/11. That's probably the missile that Bush used to blow up the Trade Towers! Besides, focusing on the fact that Muslim youth are being taught to be terrorists is Islamophobic...which means that I'm being tolerant just like I am to gays or somethin'. How nice I am!"

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