Sunday, January 29, 2006

That's surprising.

As I recall the novelist Kurt Vonnegut is one of those fellows who points to the parasites, the viruses, the venereal diseases and so on, throws up his hands and wonders why it all exists if God is good. That's the way he engages in natural theology and blames Good for evil, which matches the Darwinian way. As the Devil might say of Good, "If God is good then how do I exist? Now throw yourself off this cliff as I have, since God is good he will still let you exist just as I do! I do exist, don't I?"

But anyway, on the other hand Vonnegut apparently also says:
...look, my body and your body are miracles of design. Scientists are pretending they have the answer as how we got this way when natural selection couldn’t possibly have produced such machines.

INSKEEP: Does that mean you would favor teaching intelligent design in the classroom?

Mr. VONNEGUT: Look, if it’s what we’re thinking about all the time; if I were a physics teacher or a science teacher, it’d be on my mind all the time as to how the hell we really got this way. It’s a perfectly natural human thought and, okay, if you go into the science class you can’t think this? Well, alright, as soon as you leave you can start thinking about it again without giving aid and comfort to the lunatic fringe of the Christian religion.
(Interview on NPR, cf. ID the Future)

Well, it's like this. If the issue of origins is taught in science class and anything but the Darwinian creation myth is taught then modern medicine will cease because it came about based on the survival of the fittest, while Creationist engineers* will stop designing technology because they rely on natural chance instead of design, which is unnatural, and so on. So although the evidence goes overwhelmingly against Darwinism, leaving Darwinists pointing to people born with elongated spines or pointing to their own noses and saying, "Would you just look at these things...why God, why?!" it is still what must be taught so that medicine and technology do not just crumble away. For isn't it obvious that they rely on the Darwinian creation myth?

Anyway, Vonnegut also said, "Something perfectly wonderful is going on. I do not doubt it..." Interesting, I agree. But given all the war, the starvation, the rape, etc., there is clearly something terrible going on too. That can be known by anyone who has any sense of good and evil left in them.

Yet it is good, there is much that is good. I think that most people just go with whatever mood they are in at any given time though. If they are in love, then it is all good, so good. But if someone just cut them off in traffic then God should just end it all now because it's all just so damned evil, especially those damned drivers.

We're fickle like that, with no real perspective to judge either.

*Even the mental retards have noticed: "...the Salem Hypothesis states that creationists with formal educations are more likely to be engineers than they are to be other kinds of scientists. This hypothesis is supported primarily by anecdotal evidence: a good number of creationists who post to claim to be engineers, and creationist organizations seem to be disproportionately populated by engineers. Why engineers would be more prone to creationism than other scientists is a good question." ( it so hard to figure out why that would be so given that they work with design problems in the real world every day instead of engaging in natural theology of a sort based on prissy Christianity, e.g.: "Why would God let excretory organs exist next to reproductive organs? So it is settled then, Nature selected all the organization in all the millions of organisms that exist by uh...things living and dying."

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