Thursday, January 12, 2006

On a more serious note..., Joe Biden sure is a blowhard. I happened to hear some of the Alito hearings on the radio and he just kept going on and on. At the end, all he seemed to be saying was that pretty much everyone is discriminating and one of his own discriminations in the past was not liking some people at Princeton.

There was only one interesting point and that is the fact that we still have the right to dislike someone else. It's surprising that anything is left for people to make their own discriminations about given the tendencies of effeminates and the smothering mothers of our maternalistic Judiciary, those who will just pull words out of their own penumbras in order to increase their power enough to make our discriminations for us. Even if judges are conservative or libertarian enough to limit their own power and focus on our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association there are still pompous blowhards like Biden, who often seem to make laws based on their own personal "discrimination" just for the sake of making laws with their names attached to them.

All in all, it's amazing that the people can still make some discriminations, associations and separations for ourselves. Although...flatulent people may eventually organize with fat people in order to combat the hatred and discrimination directed against such minorities and so doing away with some of the last of the discriminations still left to the people, as people.

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