Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Darwinian mind...or lack thereof...

I was going round about with some people apparently easily overwhelmed and taken in by the charlatans of here. I think I will use some of their text as material here later. I'm most impressed by the, "This looks a little like that or somethin'." type of argument, as well as the notion of humans with tails being used as part of the evidence that so easily overwhelms half-wits. For that matter, Darwin used his own nose as material evidence...but I'll get to such things later. The Darwinian mind is good material to grow the ideas of Life in, given that the excretions of the Darwinian brain are the excrement that the mind smothers itself in. So it can be used for good fertilizer for the conceiving of the conceptual, if the perceptual is cultivated by language.

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