Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hurricanes and Civilization

The recent storm revealed a lack of civlization, a degeneracy that was already there. Civilization is not defined by buildings but by distinctions drawn from language, law and Logos, buildings and technology are just an artifact of it. So when socialists come in to try to develope civlization and cultivate culture with housing projects and economic solutions they inevitably fail. Soon enough, their "projects" become synomous with a lack of civilization in "the projects" and so on.

New Orleans is an example as the storm only brought out what was already there.

[New Orlean's tourist] romance is not the reality for most who live there. It's a poor place, with about 27 percent of the population of 484,000 living under the poverty line, and it's a black place, where 67 percent are African-American. In 65 percent of families living in poverty, no husband is present. [...]The police inspire so little trust that witnesses often refuse to testify in court. University researchers enlisted the police in an experiment last year, having them fire 700 blank gun rounds in a New Orleans neighborhood one afternoon. Nobody picked up the phone to report the shootings. Little wonder the city's homicide rate stands at 10 times the national average.

The level of the decline of civilization had apparently reached a point at which even those supposed to be enforcing the law were corrupt. The day after the storm police are found among the looters(video). Interwoven in it all is the issue of race, which is supposedly defined by something physical. Unfortunately it may be impossible to get away from the Leftist version of "race consciousness" as long as so many African American men do not live by the Word of the Christianity that they purport to believe in. It is what makes civilization possible. Instead the majority of them seem to have fallen into Leftism and effete notions of victimization. It is as if the failure of socialism in Africa must be revisited on them in Third World cities in America. Yet the American Left says, "Let us help you more...and more! See how helpful we have been?"

Kanye West is a cultural symbol of the stupidity and ignorance typical to the African American Left. The problem is not the storied moral degeneracy of New Orleans police and others, instead it is all the fault of The Man. Kanye seems like a stupid and ignorant(video) man.

I would reply to him the same as to those who come up with semi-illiterate Leftist conspiracy theories about the plutocracy, cronyism and corruption typical to the Right. Of course there is an element of truth to them, although some are clearly psychotically paranoid delusions based on patterns of thought typical to the Leftist mind.

E.g. the war on terror: All the Leftist conspiracy theory in the world does not change the fact that the radical Islamist is still there, and he wants to make you wear a burka if you are a women and cut your head off if you disagree and so on. On the other hand, the plutocrat and the businessman want to make money by selling you some oil and perhaps they will kill the Islamist to do so. Now what?

E.g. the hurricane: All the effete Leftist hatred for the masculine ethos of the military, SUVs or racist rubes with pick-ups and shot guns will not change the fact that you need to call in the National Guard (maybe even with guns next time) when your city is revealed to be uncivilized. It's probably even a Guard made up mainly of men with guns and SUVs and things which will cause global warming. Now what?

As a creature of ressentiment the Leftist tends to hate the very thing that they need.

[Update: CNN's story on the plutocracy questioned here, as it seems to have a Leftist spin.]

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