Thursday, July 13, 2017

Zerohedge 7/13

The "official sources"/"familiar with the matter"/"just took a leak" fake news outlets like the (((NYT))) have begun committing a cardinal sin.  The sin that cannot be commited in the Empire of Entertainment is not being fake news, that can be forgiven.  It is being old news, that is unforgivable. 
They gave it a good go with their sensationalistic "official sources say...  Russians!!!" stuff but they are becoming old news now.

Whoops...  apparently they still can't correct.  That election probably ended their role as a PR firm for the managerial state.  A revolution in a tea cup, hysterical people failed to realize that it wasn't really much of a revolution.  You'll know it's over when "official sources just took a leak on me..." begins appearing in alternative media outlets more and more often.

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