Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yep. We'll have to wait and see. They got that Mossad/Jewish kid that was doing the hoaxed bomb threats to inspire anti-Trump hatred. So Trump still has actual power behind the circus act despite everything that's gone wrong.

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Wait for it, this is just an act of plausible deniability.
Sessions goes ape on the Awan brothers (ISIS agents BTW) and then starts arresting every DNC drone he can get his hands on (could go higher than Debbie WS with a bit of luck). Trump says "don't look at me, the AG and I obviously dont get along or even speak about things!"
Its theatre, and it'll be great theatre if we get a few deep state scalps, maybe even Barry himself!
The next 24-36 hours are going to be a whole lot of fun.
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Except McCabe & Co. let Awan out last evening on bail but with an ankle bracelet.  This is what happens to democrats in trouble and is part of a two tier justice system.
Awan was caught trying to flee the country and if that were you or me we would be in the slammer.

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