Friday, January 20, 2017

Random comment.....

Actually in dumbocrazies equal opportunity for all/everyone in the world and special rights for none doesn't work. Because people will/have already just elected a new electorate based on mass immigration combined with ID politics that turns European/European derived elections into demographic role calls. Europeans abolished tribalism/"Nazism" among themselves due to white/fair minded individualism and the "anti-racist" Jewish influence of self-serving Zionist Jews. But they didn't abolish tribalism/"racism" worldwide, for everyone equally.

 In fact, Jews promote and incite tribalism/nationalism for themselves and other "minority"/majority groups while viciously suppressing tribalism/"Nazism" among European ethnic groups. Anyway, in your view Somalian libertarians (????) or perhaps Haitian Constitutionalists are interchangeable with Swedes in Sweden or Swedish Americans. In reality, they're not. Jews certainly seem to know this, as they continue to try to diversify "Nazis" out of existence by integrating white ethnic groups with whoever is handy and calling their "fundamental transformation" of white people the equivalent of European democracies and self-determination. Yet, you play dumb?

You can't fundamentally transform and subvert white electorates (And only white electorates, Japan was not targeted by Jews post WWII despite all their atrocities.) racially and ethnically and call that "democracy"/self-determination. There is no "self" there. Imagine that Sweden is entirely Haitian and African because all the Swedes leave due primarily to "anti-racist"/"anti-Nazi"/Jewish influence on white ethnic groups. What would their so-called Judaic "democracy" amount to then? Are most Haitians libertarians? Does it matter?

Why does the only "democracy" in the Mideast still have an ethnic identity, while all white ethnic groups worldwide are left with virtue signalling about being "anti-racist" or in the case of Team Freedumb: World Uberman Police... left with their exceptional identity being defined as killing yet "another Hitler"/Saddam/Assad/Putin at the behest of "neoconservatives"/"neoliberals"/"the media"/a bunch of Jews?

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