Monday, January 27, 2014

Ramble on aspects of feminism...

Maybe it's generally the fault of men who hurt women.  And then women generally begin to feel like they need to be equal with men in order to avoid being hurt by them.  Who knows. I don't.

All that can be said is that the level of the marketing and manipulation shows that there's something deep there for political handlers and manipulative marketers to work with, whether they're working for "war on women" politicians or "torches of liberty" corporations.  Whatever causes it, it apparently goes deep enough to market pretty much anything.  So it'll probably continue to be used as the "New World Order" being created by continues to emerge. 

Perhaps people could look at the endpoint, if "equality" means the equal opportunity to come back limbless from a war being fought in the fossil fueled "national interests" of INTERNATIONAL central bankers partnered with Zionists then it's probably not a good form of equality.  If equality means the equal opportunity to get incorporated in being a debt slave to bankers that have been creating more fake money/debt out of nothing for you to work for in reality again, then it's probably not good.  Etc. 

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