Friday, January 03, 2014

Just thinking out loud and trying to process different aspects of "the economy" again...

If 65% of Americans weren't living paycheck to paycheck then they could invest in NYC and DC, unless they thought that what's going on with the bankers and the 1%  (more likely the .01%) that Obama serves as a front man and entertainer for is going to end badly soon.  Pretty much the entire political establishment serve as front men for the 1% and a sort of emergent feudal system based on globalism.  I guess like the Founders, Americans better be careful of what they rebel against.  Otherwise their slaves or the people working for slave wages generally denominated in petrodollars world wide might think that they can rebel too? 

Most Americans are like the 1% with their "economic hit men" trying to get more and more of the bankster's debt/money created out of nothing in order to cash it in for real resources, relative to the rest of the world.     

So why and how could a system of legalized theft and manipulation wind up ending badly for Americans?  It could end badly if enough people feel what's been going on worldwide and in America more and more too, so then Occupy emerges again or the Tea Part starts protesting at closed open air war memorials again.  Or the vets don't get paid again, etc... but this time there's actually more violence.  Scenarios vary.  From the perspective of the feudal lords that own more and more on paper, can Occupy be counted on to wander around banging on drums and playing with arts and crafts again?  Or can the Tea Party be policed by the DHS, if the DHS has Tea Part members in it? 

Life goes on and will go on like normal, even if worst case scenarios involving another version of a peasant rebellion and violence begin to happen due to another "collapse" that they can feel based on what's been going on right in front of us for a while now.  After all, whatever starts happening around people becomes their new normal.  Anyway, it's not just the AFA.  But that might serve as a good scapegoat for "the economy" failing after the latest pump and dump.  And it is part of it.    

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