Thursday, May 11, 2006

That's better.

I haven't been blogging much lately. I'll get back to it. I should watch an action movie on my new screen but instead I put on Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price. It's not the best Leftist kook type documentary ever.
In the beginning it shows the proverbial mom and pop stores vamping up to compete with Walmart. So it would seem that mom and pop could stand a little update? Then it shows some abandoned stores that seem like they had always been old and run down. It reminds me of the local hardware store being against the Home Depot coming in, yet because they don't carry much sometimes I have to drive to the Home Depot anyway. Would the Home Depot put them out of business, probably, but the employees would probably be paid more anyway.

On this local note, the way Newark is there will probably always be a bunch of old blowhards ready to ramble about the "fabric of Newark" for however long it take to make them feel important, then vote to protect some tattered remains of the so-called "fabric." What is the fabric of Newark, exactly? After all, even the University of Delaware apparently is not a part of it given the statements of some city leaders. They actually seem to view themselves as protecting the city from the University, failing to see that much of the city is the University. Much of it seems to boil down to this pattern of viewpoint: "Progress? We don't need no progress or Home Depot. Why, when I was a boy we had to gnaw wood to pieces with our teeth! That's how Newark was built, by my fabrication of its fabric, I says. So by my fabrications of the way things were that's the way they will stay until the day I die!"

Ironically, old conservatives will come into agreement with so-called progressives on progress because they both tend towards the same attitude about technology although they get there through different paths. It's odd that the Left and so-called progressives are usually against the tycoons, Big Business and so on because it is a matter of history that the tycoons are likely to bring "progress" and change even if they are often corrupt.

Who is it that is supposedly merely reactionary and driven by fears of progress, technology, science and change again? The Right? As for me I don't believe in fitting in with either the Left or the Right, yet the so-called Center has been filled with all the people that are merely too stupid and ignorant to make up their minds instead of being the place of the ideal Aristotlean zenith/mean between two vices. I.e., the centrist these days often seems to believe that merely avoiding being associated with the Right or the Left means that they must be of the ideal Center when actually it may just mean that you sit in the center of your own lack of judgment.

I suppose I'll just think what I think about things and let others try to classify my pattern of thought if they like. The Right and the Left are useful definitions and ways of classifying thought, that's probably why they evolved the way they did, yet they're also often relative.

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