Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Common sense

The interesting thing about common senses are that they can come out in many forms, including a perverted form. E.g., an insult of this type seems to reveal a common sense being perverted: "You're secretly just like me!"

This fellow in my comments seems to lack some common sense, yet I suspect that if he is not careful then his own common senses will come out. He's intelligent, so it probably will not be as obvious as the example above. (Good judgment on the difference between secretion and excretion but it still does nothing for arguments against seeking a sound knowledge of Natural Law.)

Anna Venger on the same sort of topic, read her because she'll probably write about it in politically relevant ways in terms that most people can understand. That can be better than meandering off onto various issues of philosophy, psychology, history and what have you in the way a person more interested in seeking knowledge than in writing a good, relevant and timely blog post might.

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