Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yeah, it's a code brown today.

Even though evangelical Christians claim they don’t have the attitudes of the crusaders,
a major poll carried out last summer by the Pew Research Centre for the People & the Press, found that a strong plurality of 50 percent of white evangelical Protestants believe that Islam "is more likely than others to encourage violence among its believers", while only about a third of mainline Protestants and Catholics [read “liberals” according to the American Taliban] accepted that view.
Common Dreams

Imagine if Muslims held that Christianity “is more likely than other [religions] to encourage violence among its nations."’s those evangelicals that seem to have the biggest issue with Islamophobia...

Like I said, he's easily taken in by the Gay© propaganda points and its methods and modes. Note the original idea behind defining all disagreement as phobias, for although other terms "...might be more accurate, '-phobia' works better as rhetoric because it...suggests, in quasi-clinical terms, that anti-gay feelings stem exclusively from the bigot's own unhealthy psychological hangups and insecurities." I.e. when you engage in proto-Nazi propaganda methods (note the move towards medicalization) the more that you mix in personal attacks for manipulation and emotional conditioning, the better.

It is not something that is based on accuracy, facts, logic or evidence. Note some of its possible contradictions, I'm the "American Taliban" and the Leftist invokes that for his propagandistic fear-mongering....yet it is phobic to fear Islam.

At any rate, there are millions of Muslims who just want to live well, eat, have some sex, provide for their families, and die well. But even there it seems that the majority hates the Jews and many who have any political power whatsoever still carry a copy of the Protocals of the Elders of Zion. I suppose it would be "phobic" to go into actual evidence and why it is that it is radical Muslims terrorizing Jews as well as Russians, Hindus, Americans and on and on when the simple fact is that Christians, even radical Christians, have no such similar international terrorist movement (nor possible legitimization from their religious texts for one.).

Anyway remember now, don't be hatin'...or fearin'!

Sometimes the point of emotional conditioning is to transfer to you the propagandist's own feeelings through his projection of them. It seems that if you throw them back on him instead of beginning to accept what he tells you about your own feelings and so on then they may just grow and wind around his own head tighter and tighter. There's nothing much to be done about that.

Satire is fun though...

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[Update: Right and wrong go out the window when it comes to emotionally based propaganda methods but: Imagine if Muslims held the view that Buddhism or Hinduism "is more encourage violence among its believers." Imagining it? Okay, good. If Muslims did hold that view then they would be wrong because there is no comparable international terrorist movement among Buddhists as there is among Muslims. On the other hand, if Buddhists held the view that Islam encourages more violence among its believers than other religions then they would be correct as a matter of historical facts, current events around the world, etc. But the propagandist does not care about what is actually correct or incorrect, he cares about conditioning your feelings in positive or negative ways based on his politics and the like. Thus the focus on feelings like fear, hatred, etc.]

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