Wednesday, March 15, 2006

An interesting contrast....

Chris Graber didn't know what his family's future would be Sunday night when he saw a "dark spot" come barreling over a hill and take dead aim for his modest home in eastern Webster County.
The Grabers escaped unharmed from the tornado that plowed through Webster County.

Not so their home. It was torn apart by the twister's fury.

But in less than 15 hours, the Grabers were back in a new home rebuilt on the same spot — a peaceful valley south of Missouri 38 about 10 miles east of Marshfield — by more than 100 men and boys from neighboring Amish homesteads near the Grabers.
(Amish neighbors take just one day to rebuild home destroyed by twister, Ozarks Local News)

A full three years after Hurricane Katrina scattered New Orleanians across the country, residents will have returned to areas that had little or no flooding, but less than half will have made it back to neighborhoods that took on 2 feet of water or more, a think tank hired by Mayor Ray Nagin's rebuilding commission estimates.
the biggest obstacle to repopulation by far, the study says, is the lack of housing. The report says the city would grow much more quickly if City Hall were able to streamline its permitting process, something city officials say already has been done.
(Times-Picayune (New Orleans)
March 15, 2006 Wednesday
METRO; Pg. 1
Study: Half back in city by 2008;
But badly damaged areas slow to revive
By Gordon Russell)

I suppose one way around government officials who supposedly care more about how safe your house is than you do is to rebuild the house before tin-pot officials know it was destroyed.

This ties in with the post below it. Isn't it ironic that the average progressive always seems to be working towards increasing State power while undermining religion, as religion is a form of self-government and the family is the first form of government typically tied to religion. But they can never seem to buy treating people with love and respect with more taxing and spending. You cannot buy honesty or a sound work ethic. So FEMA and the politicians could spend and spend more and more money yet still leave people homeless and owing more to the State in taxes, while Amish communities (if there were enough of them) could probably built millions of good houses if given the same wealth.

[Edit: You could put in the electrical wiring later. And I'm not saying I agree with the Amish about everything. I'm just noting the typical difference between self-government based on religion and family vs. the type of government promoted by Leftists.]

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