Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still a proto-Nazi...

Apparently PZ Myers is still at it.

A summary of his psychological dynamics:
Professionals and intellectuals have additional susceptibilities... as an antidote for isolation and weakness; to romanticized violence and a cult of hardness, as a denial of effeteness, softness, and “scruples”; to the crude and primitive....
Most of these susceptibilities involve claims to omnipotence in the name of humility, calls to sacrifice in which the sacrificial group is made up of the regime’s designated victims. These contradictions can be maintained, lived with, through the professional’s special talent for doubling. Only he or she can become a murderous sorcerer while claiming to be a healer....
Worse, one may do these things with the conviction that they are “in accord with the natural history and biology of man,” and that one is acting as healer and savior.
(The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide by Robert Lifton :491) (Emphasis added)
I emphasized that because note the hatred of certain forms of animal sacrifice typical to pagans, yet they will often be the first to sacrifice babies and Jews. It seems that some can be sacrificed for pretty much any reason, whether it's supposedly keeping Islamists at bay or having lower crime rates. Yet they rebel against animal sacrifice and tend toward the sin of Cain, naturally. Are they their brother's keeper? In any event, they reject the sacrifice of the Lamb of God and animal sacrifice. So one of the first comments from his Herd is:
I don't want to ignite an argument over the morality of using animals in medical research and things, but that's about all I could focus on in your post.Link
Note that the Nazis were among the first to advance anti-vivisection laws while experimenting on Jews. And so on.

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