Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

I recently watched this documentary (YouTube link) and I began to watch this one as well, which features David Legates for a while in the beginning. The first one is one of the more substantive documentaries that I've seen when it comes to facts, logic and empirical evidence. It's short on imagery, feeelings and hysteria. I haven't watched Al Gore's documentary yet, mainly because his psychological dynamics are already clear.

Speaking of hysteria and Al Gore, now Al Gore (Alpha Male Al!) seems to be saying that Mommy Nature has a bit of a fever! So now it seems that every perturbation of her womb can be taken as symbolic of the Great Doom. Nothing against the notion of a Great Doom, as it is inevitable that every living thing in the universe will die. That's something that Romantics who worship Nature don't tend to focus on, yet there are many lines of evidence that it is true nonethless.

I read at the bottom of the Wiki article on David Legates that governor Minner has said that he's not allowed to link his position to disagreement with hysterical claims about global warming. I guess that's one more scientist who can join the "scientific consensus" that Leftists are forming.

The historical pattern to fascist scholarship was that they would form a consensus with State funding and the like and then declare themselves overwhelmed by all the excrement of their own Herd. Sometimes I wonder if there is a similar Herd growing now, so on a historical note the old Nazi propagandists for "living space" and the "blood and soil" who lectured against the "murderous factories" held a Romantic and vaguely technophobic view of Nature. (Even as they always used technology to the utmost for their own ends. It seems it's always someone else using technology who is the problem.) It's an ironic pattern because they would argue that technology and civilization is somehow unnatural by its nature, as opposed to the organic and so on which is natural by nature. Many mixed their notion of "natural" in with the notion of "natural selection" based on the Darwinian creation myth because they fall into pseudo-science easily given their lack of conceptual and philosophical thinking. In other words they simply assume that man can use the practical application of logic and science in technology in ways that alienate himself from Nature. How this is so given the Leftist worldview that scientifically man is naturally just matter in motion is not explained, it's just assumed that humans have a capacity for going against Nature. If those who make such assumptions would stop assuming things and begin thinking about them then maybe those who fall into this type of mental incompetence could make more of a habit of thinking in general. The Nazis used to describe how they began to feel they were thinking with the notion of "biological thinking." It seems that some people feel they are thinking when actually their brains are ruled by conditioning based on the images, hysteria and feeelings of their "cult"ure. They may as well have excrement for brains at that point.

[Edit: If anyone local wants a decent copy of the documentaries, e-mail me.]

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