Monday, February 26, 2007

A story rewritten...

About the time I stopped flirting with Deism I began writing more stories and using more metaphors for things instead of being more reasonable/intellectual. Here's one from about that time, now modified a bit.

A story of a creature of the earth, the earthling/Adam and its Maker.

One day a Man said, "I think I will make a mini-me." He will be like Me but very, very mini, a tiny little one, like Me...but mini. Then this mini-me will have me to talk to and it will be nice for him. I like to make such nice things, so I will make him. And so He made Himself a tiny little mini. He was like that, making things. He also made Himself many other nice things but left something out. Now He and his mini had some conversations about many things, so many things. For He had made many nice things. One day, the mini-him said, "I noticed something after naming everything, you know!" But He just laughed...then said, "What is that?" And he replied, "Well, after the first couple of course I noticed." He laughed again, He liked to laugh. But then He said, "Oh...alright." So He made the mini-him go to sleep and then split the mini-him in two so that he could be a couple too.

...the mini-him woke up and said, "What happened?" But the Man just said, "I am the Maker and what I make is good!"

"Whoa, Man! You are right." replied the mini. Then the Man said, "Of course I am. I am always right. I AM that I AM! Every jot and tittle is always just so."

"Yes, every tittle...I say, some tittles seem rather titillating..." But then a voice said, "Don't you have work to do?"

"Wait, she talks too?" The Man just laughed....and as He walked away He heard, "How's my figure?" and thought, "The code I used to form that one will be hard for my little fellow to figure out! I figured her to be a well-rounded type of being and so it is, after all. Haha..."

The End

A few theological points....I don't believe that God has some sort of physical image as we know it which he then made man in. If one looks to all the scripts of scriptures in order to grasp the concepts being expressed throughout them then it becomes clear that God is a Spirit that has a separate type of ontological status altogether. The closest we could get as physical beings are statements such as "God is light." and so on. Given God's transphysical/spiritual ontological status no graven image is to be made because all such imagery is based on physical things. And in the end it is humbling for God to take on the physical form of a man in the Christ as the metaphoric Light of the world and so on.

All that is to say, it seems that being made in the image of God is a reference to man's spiritual nature and his status as a sentient being with a capacity for words, will and whim.

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