Thursday, December 28, 2006

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Pragmatists realize it is time wasting to create new words for well defined references in known machine design.

The Flagellum can be designated as a nano inboard motor. Beautifully constructed like no other inboard motor mankind has ever developed. But that is exactly what it is. Each part of this motor was conceived by intelligence for purposes of mobility in and out of water by engineers and inventors during our history.

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I found the last sentence interesting because it seems that most of what people have invented is already in use but their inventions and trinkets pale in comparison to the efficiency of designs already in use and the layered genius encoded throughout Nature. You could see this by comparison of what already exists with what people try to accomplish with science and technology. For instance, it's difficult to develope a robot with bipedal motion, let alone one that can run for days on water and bits of plants and animal products. Then there is the issue of self-duplication...and making self-duplication fun or something worth writing songs about and so on. And so on and on...the artistry and genius that has been embedded in Nature continues on beyond words and human knowledge.

In a way it seems that it is bad for us that the technology/"logic" or Logos through which form and information is encoded in creation is still far beyond our understanding or that it would be better if we knew all now. For instance, much of medicine still seems to rely on merely cutting things out or killing cells with chemicals (however expertly) while hoping that the body once again essentially repairs itself and maintains its own form. If we really had a grasp of the knowledge (information) involved enough that it could be applied in technology (the formation of things) then body parts could be made and so on as in science fiction. Yet such knowledge/science and technology is not exactly all that it's made out to be among those who believe in scientism because we're still beings capable of good and evil at the end of science. All we will do with greater knowledge and its application in technology is accentuate willed actions of good or evil. And when you accentuate evil by using something like nuclear technology to make better power plants it opens the door to bigger bombs as well, so one day you'll probably get blown up by it all.

It seems that when it comes to ultimate power good/God must have to win all the time, the Devil/evil only once.

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