Thursday, July 06, 2006

Now, now...

I was just checking a few links today and came across this about my blog:
Oh yeah, blogs. Well the following are the ones I check often (other then this one you are reading right now)., yeah I know I'm married to her but it's a great weblog to read as she mixes heart-wrenching memories with humorous insights,, another site that could update a little more these days (cough cough, Josh), but when they do it's great. MyNym, who was a visitor to our site, riled up the waters, accused us of being Nazi lovin' anti-Christs, declared a self-imposed ban on posting here, then started his own weblog, where he has a small band of devoted followers who hang on his every written word (and there are many of them).
Some of my claims were that this sort of sentiment: "I view you as vermin that needs to be exterminated now." were the manifestation of a Nazi-like spirit. Anyone with a marginal knowledge of Nazism ought to know that is not a loose association, nor is it the equivalent of any sort of claim about what feelings a person has towards the Nazis. And if the association is true then the sentiment contains an anti-Christ type of spirit given the nature of Nazism as illustrated in Hitler's messiah complex, etc. I won't meander. All I would note is that it would seem that I didn't accuse you of anything personally, as my focus was on the spirit of your own words, so you need not take it personally. I had to rely on that because personally I am just a simple fellow who has to let some forms of logic/logos eat themselves up when they speak, naturally. (It seems that they seldom fail to do so, in any language.)

At any rate, as far as I know no one is following me. In fact, sometimes the complaint is that I cannot be followed. Consider that I may not want to be followed all the time, which may be why I sometimes try to get those who seem to be following me to question me.

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